Established in 2016

Ark Mountain began in 2016 out of a dream to build an online sports eCommerce business. When that website was flipped, we decided to move forward with growing over a dozen websites, some of which were eCommerce, some offered actual services.

The years of building and growing websites of various niches have allowed us to test multiple management strategies for varying results, based on our objectives. This management split testing has resulted in a management system that helps the sites begin, grow, mature, and grow more. 

Due to our outstanding success, we decided to start opening the doors to the public to share our management strategy and help others achieve website success.

We look forward to working with you.

Jeremy & Christine

Jeremy Shantz


Our mission is to provide you with freedom from a variety of tedious website administrative tasks and duties.

We achieve this mission by utilizing our tested management framework and providing a dedicated project manager to ensure your site management runs smoothly.


To help web owners and publishers find better ways to effectively run their income-producing websites.


  • Automation is a tool, not a replacement to hard work
  • A strong work ethic defines our entire company.
  • We believe in integrity and equality for all. Our company works with people from all nationalities, walks of life, cultures, and beliefs.